quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2012

For us, Misses Independent

Oh, it's something about
Just something about the way she move
I can't figure it out
There's something about her
Say, oh, it's something about
Kind women that want you
But don't need you
Cause she walks like a boss
Talks like a boss
Manicured nails
Just sent the pedicure off
She's fly effortlessly
Yeah, she moves like a boss
Do what a boss
Dude, she got me thinking
About getting involved
That's the kind off girl I need
She got her own thing
That's why I love her
Miss independent
Won't you come
And spend a little time
She got her own thing
That's why I love her
Miss independent
Oh, the way you shine
Miss independent
Oh, there's something about
Kind woman that can do it for herself
I look at her and it makes me proud
There's something about her
There something, oh, so sexy
About the kind women
That don't even need my help
She says she got it
She got it, no doubt
There's something about her
Cause she works like the boss
Plays like the boss
Car and a crib, she about to pay them both off
And her bills are paid on time
She made for a boss
Solely a boss, anything less
She's telling them to get lost
That's the girl that's on my mind
Her favorite thing is to say
- Don't worry I got it
And everything she got
Best believe, she bought it
She's gonna steal my heart
Ain't no doubt about it
Girl, you're everything I need
Said you're everything I need

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