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Make fitness a habit

To give yourself a real boost, start an exercise "streak". Do some sort of activity every day (could be 5 minutes, could be longer) for as many consecutive days as possible. Challenge your family members or co-workers to see who can carry the longest streak! Post the number of days in your streak on your office wall or refrigerator door. It’s a good source of motivation and a great way to keep exercise in the front of your mind!

SparkStart workouts include easy exercises you can do at home when you get up in the morning, while you’re making dinner, or while waiting for the laundry to finish drying. Pick something you enjoy so you are more likely to stick with it. Below are some examples to help get you started.

Workout 1: Light jog in place (2 minutes), jump rope (2 minutes), light jog (2 minutes)
Workout 2: Sit-ups (2 minutes), 25 push-ups, sit-ups (2 minutes), 25 push-ups
Workout 3: Light jog in place (2 minutes), 1 set squats (8-12 repetitions), 1 set lunges, 1 set squats, 1 set lunges, leg stretches (2 minutes)
Workout 4: Take your dog (or just yourself!) for a quick walk around the block
Workout 5: Walk/run up and down the stairs 5 times
Workout 6: Brisk walk in place with arms pumping, knees up (3 minutes), 25 jumping jacks, brisk walk (3 minutes)
Workout 7: Light jog in place (2 minutes), fast jog in place (5 minutes), light jog in place (2 minutes)

Fonte: SparkPeople.com

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  1. Acho que temos que fazer uma competiçãozinha (saudável) para ver quem no próximo mês se exercita mais (em nr de dias). :-) Daí isso vira um post! O que acha?

  2. Super concordo!!! Vou procurar algum app pra que possamos atualizar no proprio blog, que tal? Assim ficamos vendo as atualizações uma da outra pra nos motivar ainda mais!!!