segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013

Why do you have to drop that bomb on me?

The pebbles you've arranged 
In the sand, they're strange 
They speak to me like constellations 
As we lie here 
There's a magic I can hold 
Your smile of honey gold 
And that you never seem to be in short supply of 

Oooh, so baby let's get it on 
Drinking wine and killing time 
Sitting in the summer sun 
You know I've wanted you so long
Why do you have to 
Drop that bomb on me? 

Could it be this? 
The stories in your eyes 
The silent wings 
You'll fly away on 

Seven days in sunny June 
Were long enough to bloom 
The flowers on the sunbeam dress you wore in spring 
Yeah, yeah, the way we laughed as one 
Why did you drop the bomb on me? 

Could it be this? 
The honeysuckle blessings you seem to show me 
Could it be this? 
For seven days in June I wasn't lonely 
Could it be this? 
You never gave me time to say I love you 
Could it be this? 
I know you don't believe me but it's so true 

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